Coping Notebook Worksheet Package

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Coping Notebook Worksheet Package

You’ve read Newly Diagnosed? Now What?,  and you’ve learned about 153 strategies that
can help you take action and cope following your diagnosis.  Setting up a coping notebook
(discussed in Strategy #1) is a helpful tool to organize your coping strategies and to keep
all of your information in one place.    

So, please answer these questions:
 Are you eager to develop a plan to implement the strategies you select, but
you’re not sure exactly how to begin?

 Are you ready to put the strategies that you’ve learned in Newly Diagnosed? Now
What?  to work for you so that you can get the most out of them?

 Are you looking to use your strategies so that you can get back on your feet and
move forward with your life — – as quickly as possible following your diagnosis?
If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," You’ve come to the right place! 
Introducing the Newly Diagnosed? Now What?  Coping Notebook Worksheet

This package contains 85 worksheets (corresponding with various "Newly Diagnosed?
Now What?" strategies) that are structured and detailed to make it easy for you to work
on your plan. With the "Newly Diagnosed? Now What?"  Coping Notebook
Worksheet Package, you’ll be able to:

 Develop your own organized self-improvement program, specifically tailored to
your own personal needs

 Keep all of the tools, strategies, and information that you need to move forward
after your diagnosis in one easily accessible loose-leaf or folder

 Focus your efforts on the strategies that you've selected as most important for

 Understand your body, becoming aware of your symptoms, and gaining control
over your emotions

 Manage and maintain contact information for the people and resources that are
best able to help you

 Have all of the information that you need for doctors’ visits prepared and
available right at your fingertips     
 Know what coping tools work best for you and have them at your disposal when
you need them

 And much, much more…
Upon purchase, you'll instantly be able to download a convenient PDF file, and you'll then
be able to print out every worksheet you select to be part of your self-improvement
program. You'll even be able to print out extra copies of worksheets any time you need
Click on the link below. You'll be able to purchase and download your
Newly Diagnosed? Now What?  Coping Notebook Worksheet Package immediately!

Start helping yourself to take action and cope today!